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Croisée Cocker & Papillon


née en 12/2011

au refuge depuis le 07/01/2013, adoptée le 22/02/2013

abandonnée pour cause d'irresponsabilité des maîtres.

Adorable, belle comme tout.

Ne demande que des câlins et de la présence.

5 votes. Moyenne 2.60 sur 5.

Commentaires (1)

Jennifer Fenech
  • 1. Jennifer Fenech | mercredi, 16 janvier 2013
I am in love with gribouille. She is adorable and wont be with you very long. I have owned 2 cocker spaniels, my last one, Jamie, died aged 15 years old in July 2011. My husband and I live in England but we have a house in Lonlay L'Abbaye 61700 and since the introduction of the pets passport, Jamie had travelled with us everytime we visited there. Please can you tell me how long it will take before a dog can travel from France to England on a pets passport when bought from your refuge? thank you for your good work to all the animals in your care.

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